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Ready to join these wonder women?  Once you have attended two Woman's Club events, your application will be considered by the board.

Membership fees are as follows:

 $65.00 total if joining May to December ($15.00 application fee plus $50.00 full annual dues). $40.00 total if joining January to April ($15.00 application fee plus $25.00 half-year dues). 

Complete your application today.

Download, print and complete your application.  We can't wait to learn all about you!  Don't forget to attach a check for the application fee and annual dues.

New Member Application Rev Jan 2020 (pdf)


New Member Application Rev Jan 2020 (docx)


Club Dues Form 2019-2020 (pdf)


Rights & Obligations of Members - from GFWC

Your rights include:

  • Receiving a copy of the group’s bylaws, standing rules, and any other governing document.
  • Expressing your opinion during discussion.
  • Voting on all issues, no matter what form the vote may take.
  • Making a motion. Your motion should be clear and concise, and its purpose should be to bring new business to the floor.
  • Asking questions. These can be asked before, during, and after a meeting. If a question is asked during a meeting, it must be about the business being discussed.
  • Attending meetings. Certain meetings, such as Board meetings, might not be open to everyone, but the general meetings are.

Your Obligations include:

  •  Paying dues. It’s not just a matter of giving your local organization some money. There are numbers needed and deadlines to be met that start with your local group but continue on to state and national manifestations of your organization.
  • Expressing your opinion without denigrating others’ opinions or ideas.
  • Thinking of the organization first and not become allied with one group or the other. Cliques are the quickest way to kill a group.
  • Attending all meetings, or as many as possible. You cannot be a well-informed nor active member without attending meetings.
  • Being open to new ideas.
  • The obligation “to forget not to be kind." 

The completed application should be mailed  to The Woman’s Club of Cranbury, Attn: Membership Committee, P.O. Box 94, Cranbury, NJ 08512.