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Norma Swale Voted Honorary Member

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 Norma Swale, resident of Cranbury since 1974, and member of the Woman's Club of Cranbury since 1982 has been selected by your Executive Committee to be designated an Honorary Member.  Norma, a master gardener, is a member of Conservation & Garden and Gourmet Departments.  At right is a picture of Norma with her husband, Jim, taken in 2017 outside the Library where they were keeping the library planting pots looking beautiful.

In addition to her service to our organization, Norma has been a member of the  Rocky Brook Garden Club, Cranbury Historical & Preservation Society, and the Cranbury Township Shade Tree Commission.  Norma has devoted innumerable hours and provided her extensive knowledge of trees, plants and flowers, all to help with the beautification of Cranbury’s parks.

Congratulations, Norma.  You deserve this distinction.


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First Place

This website won First Place in NJSFWC's Website Contest.  The winners were announced at the State Convention in Atlantic City held May 6-8 2019.

From Your Webmaster

When President Jane Elias asked me to take responsibility for the Women's Club of Cranbury website, I was thrilled. This gave me an opportunity to use the skills I had developed during my working career to support you wonderful women and to assist in the work you do to help our community and each other.  

I got to learn a new software package (GoDaddy), which is always fun for a geek like me. I also got to learn a lot about the club quickly as I put together the pages of the website.

It has been a labor of love. I appreciate all the wonderful photographs and statistics you supplied that ended up on the website and in the scrapbook.  You provided wording for the About Us and Departments tabs that bring to life the work you do.

Our website is intended to provide information to our current members, to appeal to potential new members and to provide information to our community. It also serves as a permanent repository for information we don't want to lose and a place we can go to look back and take pride in all we have accomplished. 

I was so proud of our website that I submitted it for consideration in this year's NJSFWC's website contest.  And we won First Place!!!  

Congratulations to the Marlton and Sparta Woman's Clubs for their wins as well.  You can be sure I will be scouring their websites for ideas to incorporate into ours.

Marsha Travis


2nd Vice President

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A Collect for Club Women

Recited at each General Meeting:

Keep us, oh God, from pettiness; let us be large in thought, in word, in deed.  

Let us be done with fault-finding and leave off self-seeking.

May we put away all pretense and meet each other face to face, without self-pity and without prejudice.

May we never be hasty in judgment and always generous.

Let us take time for all things; make us to grow calm, serene, gentle.

Teach us to put into action our better impulses, straightforward and unafraid.  Grant that we may realize it is the little things that create differences, that in the big things of life we are at one.

And may we strive to touch and to know the great, common human heart of us all.  And, oh Lord God, let us forget not to be kind!


Mary Stewart

April, 1904

Memories of a Cranbury Woman’s Club Member


The Woman's Club of Cranbury--what thoughts and memories float through my mind when I say those words--words that have infinite meaning! 

I picture friends, friendships begun in and nurtured by the Woman's Club, friends with whom we have laughed, chatted, planned, worked, sympathized, dreamed, and had fun with!  

I am touched when I realize the many Cranbury young people who have furthered their education, thanks to our scholarships, and now those scholarships are also enabling women to pursue interrupted studies. 

I picture the Cranburyites and visitors whose hearts have been lifted by the beauty of the flowers and greens regularly planted in the barrels--barrels placed around town many years ago by the Woman's Club.   

I am gratified when I review the little and big blessings performed for the sick, the needy, the elderly, and the military.  

I am impressed by the personal growth many have experienced as they have found themselves in leadership positions.  

I smile when I observe the happy celebration at the annual Christmas tree lighting.  

I am thrilled when I enumerate the many, many books--serious, entertaining, and international--that have been read and then discussed in a group. 

I sense the personal warmth we have felt as together we have been entertained and informed at both our general and department meetings!  

And my mind reverts to the Cranbury Reading Group, formed over 100 years ago, and its evolving into this segment of a national organization that has made a vital contribution to our country--The General Federation of Women's Clubs.  What a privilege to be part of it!